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Scientific Name Vetiveria Zizanoides
Plant Part Root
Extraction Steam Distillation
Origin India


Aromatherapy : Diffuse 3-5 drops or Vaporize for a relaxed atmosphere and sleep well. Add 5–10 drops to your bath helps in relaxation and insomnia.
Topical Application : 1–2 drops on your wrists, chest and neck. It has the ability to relax nerves for an energized feel. Add 3–5 drops with equal parts of jojoba oil. Makes skin clean and moisturized, and your mind at peace.
Caution : Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Always dilute with carrier oil. Non-irritating, non-sensitizing and non-toxic. Not safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. For external use only. Store in a cool and dry place.